10th Reunion

FAQ: Costume Questions

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1)  Do I have to order a costume?
2)  What is our costume?

1) Do I have to order a costume?
While we encourage everyone to order a costume, you can register for reunions without ordering one. Just select the appropriate option after adding an adult (or child) registration to your shopping cart. The discount will be applied during checkout.

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2) What is our costume?
For the men, the costume is based upon the traditional black tuxedo look for James Bond, as seen in Casino Royale, with appropriate Princeton flourishes. Men should bring black pants to complete the look (this item is not included with the costume pack). A tux shirt with built-in studs will be provided, along with tie and cummerbund. Jackets will be provided to those individuals who ordered them; sorry we are sold out and there will be no extra jackets for purchase on-site.

For the women, your costume will consist of a v-neck, sleeveless top and long skirt with slit that together provide the elegant look of a black evening gown. A festive wrap and costume jewelry will also be provided to enhance the look. (We do not anticipate the need for special undergarments.)

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