Honor Roll

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FY2015 Honor Roll

6.40% participation (73 Members)
The 14 individuals listed in bold contributed gifts beyond the standard dues payment.

Dr. Jeff I. Abes
Dr. Eric J. Albrecht
Ms. Franya G. Barnett
Daniel J. Becker, M.D.
Mrs. Hilary Borland Bellm
Ms. Dana J. Bigelow
Mr. Michael A. Blount
Mr. Gregory R. Bronner
Amy Hitchcock Camp, Ph.D.
Ms. Katherine S. Canning
Mr. Christopher J. Carballo
Mr. Joseph F. Chan
Mr. Mark F.Y. Chan
Regina Cho Getnick, M.D.
Mr. Paul Cho
Mrs. Alison E. Corkery
Ms. Christina M. Cragholm
Mr. Jonathan F. Crystal
Mr. Bernard J. D'Avella, III
Mr. Kevin M. Dasch
Mrs. Rowena Houghton Dasch
Mr. William L. Davis
Mrs. Kerren B. Dempsey
Mr. Graham M. Doran
Mr. Geoffrey K. Dube
Mrs. Kristin C. Epstein
Jason Todd Estrin, M.D.
Mr. Anthony M. Fittizzi, Jr.
David Z. Frankel, M.D.
Mr. Holland P. Gary
Mr. Daniel J. Grabon
Naomi I. Hayashi, M.D.
Mr. Louis H. Haym
Dr. Hilary M. Hochberg
Mrs. Hallie Mitchell Hoffman
Mr. Kevin C. Hudson
Ms. Mokyou Hyun
Mrs. Frances Nagy Jain
Ms. Laura Krewinghaus Johnson
Peter H. Johnson, M.D.
Mr. Ryan W. Kaiser
Michael E. Kozlarek, Esq.
Bruce M. Lo, M.D.
Mr. Craig E. Loizides
Mr. Christopher D. Long
Mr. Kevin L. MacMillan
Mr. Jonathan D. Mendelson
Mrs. Gayle A. Meyer
Prof. Jeffrey Moriarty
Ms. Kelly A. Moriarty
Ms. Sarah Lassiter Murphy
Mrs. Tiffany O'Brien Nels
Mr. Jose L. Pabon
Mr. Justin N. N. Pope
Mr. John M. Rangel
Mrs. Joanna Schmidt Riley
Mr. Douglas W. Roberts
Ms. Jana S. Rumminger
Mrs. Susan M. Schmidt
Mr. Edward J. Schneider, IV
Mrs. Christine Francis Shaw
Osbourne A. Shaw, Jr., MBA
Ms. Tania N. Shinkawa
Mr. Stephen K. Shueh
Miss Anna V. Smith
Michael S. Smith, M.D.
Damon J.A. Toth, Ph.D.
Mr. Daniel J. Vitale
Mr. Jeremy Becket Wolf
Dr. C. Jason Woodard
Mrs. Marianna Leigh Yellen
Mr. Rathanavuth Pho Yin
Mr. Jay S. Yook

Each year, the Class asks its members to pay dues to cover the cost of Class activities, mailings, and PAW subscriptions. On this page, we acknowledge contributors for their generous support .

Please select the fiscal year of interest from the choices at the top of this page. Note that the Class uses the same fiscal year as the University, from July 1 through June 30. Please note that honor roll information is currently incomplete for some contributors who paid by check (updates forthcoming shortly).  Please contact the Class Treasurer, should you have any questions.