Honor Roll

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FY2023 Honor Roll

1.75% participation (20 Members)
The 1 individual listed in bold contributed gifts beyond the standard dues payment.

Daniel J. Becker, M.D.
Mr. Christopher J. Carballo
Mr. Paul Cho
Ms. Christina M. Cragholm
Mrs. Kristin C. Epstein
Mr. Christian Haselgrove
Tiffany M. Hebert, M.D.
Mr. Derek H. Kiernan-Johnson
Mr. Jonathan D. Mendelson
Ms. Mary J. Newburn
Mr. Jonathan H. Novich
Mr. John M. Rangel
Kimberly J. Reidy, M.D.
Mr. Maurice Timothy Reidy
Dr. Stephanie Borbe Rickey
Ms. Jana S. Rumminger
Mrs. Mariama Diao Vinson
Mr. Daniel J. Vitale
Dr. Linda M. Warren
Dr. C. Jason Woodard

Each year, the Class asks its members to pay dues to cover the cost of Class activities, mailings, and PAW subscriptions. On this page, we acknowledge contributors for their generous support .

Please select the fiscal year of interest from the choices at the top of this page. Note that the Class uses the same fiscal year as the University, from July 1 through June 30. Please note that honor roll information is currently incomplete for some contributors who paid by check (updates forthcoming shortly).  Please contact the Class Treasurer, should you have any questions.