Planning Begins for our 25th Reunion

18 April 2021: Our planning survey has closed, but please read below for more information on our 25th Reunion and how you can volunteer.

Dear P97 Classmates,

This has been a challenging year.  No doubt you and your loved ones have been touched in indelible ways by the COVID-19 crisis that has gripped the world.  It is our sincere hope that you have been able to find some ways to cope and to grow despite the numerous tragedies of the past year.  While it seems almost strange to think of things such as Princeton Reunions right now, we also think, at this point, we could all appreciate something “normal” and exciting to think about.  

Yes!  Our 25th Reunion is going to take place in May 2022.  Despite Reunions being cancelled in 2020 and 2021 as a live event, the University and the Reunions leadership are very optimistic that our 25th Reunion, as the 250th graduating Class of Princeton, will proceed.  It is not clear, at this time, exactly what form Reunions will take or what restrictions might be in place, but we very much hope that Reunions will resume in 2022 in time for our 25th!  Planning is beginning and will need to be flexible as the format of Reunions will come into focus as this year evolves.   We need lots of help from you between now and Spring 2022 to pull this off! If you didn’t realize it before, the entire reunion is organized by us so please consider volunteering to be part of planning the party!

As you know, the 25th Reunion is one of the most significant  Reunions.  The 25th Reunion draws the most returning alumni and we hope our trend of having the most classmates participate compared to our peer classes will continue.  For the 25th, while the university has discontinued celebrity bands, we get to plan a fantastic party in the choice location of the new Whitman College and we get our new class jacket that we will wear for the rest of our Reunions to come.   

We will need more help than usual because the COVID-19 constraints will no doubt lead to a fluid state of planning.   As always, we welcome volunteers of all backgrounds who would like to help with organizing, hospitality, design, publishing, and community service. Really there is room for everyone to contribute. Of particular note, given the one-time opportunity to design our new class jacket requirement, we would love to find classmates interested in or with backgrounds in clothing design/manufacturing.

For those of you who missed our recent survey, please reach out to the email address below If you are interested in learning more about volunteering. We will hold a Zoom call soon for those interested.  There is no commitment if you attend the meeting; come to learn more about how you can get involved. Bring a friend along; many hands make light work!


The Class of 1997 25th Gala Reunion Planning Team